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TV Rental – The Ultimate Guide

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TV’s are something that many households, almost all have. They are great for watching shows and movies on, but also presentations and other business-like programs. Televisions are great to use for many things. It is important to consider how you’d use the television before you rent one. This is because if you’re not going to be using the television regularly then renting one might be better suited for the needs you have.

You want to have a TV that offers all of the benefits and perks you’re looking to fulfill. Make sure to find out more about the many types of rental televisions and which might be best suited to your needs.

1. Types of TV Displays

There are a number of TVs out there, and their displays are something that you want to know more about. Having the right display can make all the difference in how the television performs for the event that you have. Here are the two most common types of TV displays available.

2. LCD

This is the most common type of TV displays. LED and LCD screens are both based around LCD technology. The older versions of these televisions would use cold cathode fluorescent lamps to light them up. Due to technology advances, LCD TVs now are all using LED technology.

3. LED

A LED TV is just a specific type of LCD TV. LED televisions use smaller, much more efficient lighting diodes to illuminate the screen. LED screens have lower energy output than other types of televisions while also being made from more environmentally friendly products. These TVs are one third as thick and about half the weight of an older LCD television. The colors are more vibrant and have better dynamic depth than LCD TVs.

4. Determine Your Budget For TV Rental

Choosing a television screen that fits with the event that you’re having is important. You want to showcase the right message across the right board. There are different factors you have to consider before you decide which TV rental fits your needs the most.
Consider the type of event you are going to have that you need the television for. There are many uses for these screens such as trade shows, sporting events, conferences, parties, and any other places and events where you’d likely have a screen to showcase something you’ve put together.
Many trade shows call for medium size screens, or smaller in size because of the amount of space the company is going to have to work with. Putting a large screen up might not be possible. You can rent something like this for between $50 and $150 per day.
Those who have larger events that require larger screens can expect to pay a bit more such as $200-$300 or more per day to rent a larger screen. Those who require something larger than a television might consider a video wall. This is about as large as it can be. These run from $150 to $400 or more per day to rent depending on the projector, specifications, and size that is needed.
The audience size is also going to matter because the size of the screen is going to be something that has to be large enough for everyone to see. Renting a television screen that is too small is not going to be helpful when you have a hundred or more guests who have to see it.

5. Consider The Distance To Show Content For Your Attendees

As mentioned above, the amount of visitors you have will determine the amount of space you will have to play the television screen across. The larger the space, the larger the screen is going to have to be.
There are many screen sizes that you can choose from based on the number of people and size of space you’re playing things across. Consider some of the larger options that measure between 60″ and 80″for a larger space with much more people. The larger the television, the easier it is going to be for everyone to see. If this is still too small, consider a custom LED screen which might be even more appropriate for this number of people.
There are also smaller sized television screens that can be used, for those that want something that is under 60″ in size.
If you’re still not sure about the distance you will need for the television that you need, take a look at this TV size viewing distance calculator to help you determine which screen size would be the most appropriate for your needs.

6. Full HD and 4K TV Screens

Both Full HD and 4K TV screen options are available on the screens you can use. Which one you choose to use depends on the quality of the picture that you want to see and showcase for your event. Either one of these options might be best suited for the needs that you have.

7. Full HD

There are a number of benefits that come with a full HD television setup. You can expect brighter, crisper colors with this type of setup. It offers more clarity and detail on what is being played. It is great for those that want to stream live events with it. They also usually come with many SMART features that other televisions might not have.

8. 4K

There is better image depth with this resolution over Full HD. Have a more cinematic experience which provides a more immense way to get into the video showing on the screen. They achieve more dynamic colors than Full HD options.
Both options deliver quality and ensure that you get the show that you want for your event.

9. Do You Need To Rent A TV For Your Event?

Those who need to rent a TV for an event should always trust in a company that knows how to provide quality for any type of event. The right rentals should have fewer issues, that’s why the company you rent from matters.
If you have further questions about the rental TVs, it is important to speak with the professionals at Rent for Event LA. We can recommend the best television that suits your needs and help make sure you rent the right, high-quality TV or other rentals for your event.

10. FAQ

11. Where Can I Rent A TV For A Day?

There are rental companies who work with you to provide the right products. Rent for Event LA is one of those areas that provides high-quality, trustworthy, and knowledgeable services to those looking to rent a TV for a day (or even longer).

12. Can You Rent A TV For A Week?

Yes. When working with a rental company like Rent for Event LA, you’re able to rent a screen or television for a day, week, or more. You can rent this product for as long as you or your company needs to use it.

13. How Much Does It Cost To Rent A TV?

The costs of renting a TV can vary depending on the type and size of television that you are looking to rent. The rentals start at around $50 per day, but they can go up to $400 or more per day. This all depends on your needs.

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