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Top 7 Ideas For Outdoor Christmas Decorations Nationwide

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The holiday season Nationwide won’t be complete without the outdoor Christmas decorations. These yard decorations have become a tradition in both residential and commercial spaces. After all, Christmas ornaments are the best way to spread holiday cheer.

But if you’re still cramming for ideas, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we listed 7 popular lawn decorations Nationwide that you can consider for your yard. Read on to see which suits your property best! 

1. Install icicle lights on your landscape

Icicle lights add a whimsical touch to your holiday decorations. You can get this in various colors, although blue and white are the most popular picks Nationwide.

Moreover, you can hang icicle lights on tree branches, awnings, overhands, and peaks. Aside from various colors, these lights also come in different movement patterns and sizes.

Overall, icicle lights are very easy to install. It’s a fail-safe outdoor decor you can purchase or rent if you want to save money. 

2. Adorn your roof with Christmas lights

Nothing brings the holiday spirit more than the sparkling outdoor Christmas lights. You can place it anywhere in your yard in different forms, ways, colors, and sizes.

For your roof, you can use C7 and C9 bulbs to line the edges. You can also install string lights to hang loose on your awnings and porch.

Some homeowners opt to cover their entire roof with Christmas light nets. Since Christmas only comes once a year, it doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile to spread the Yuletide spirit. 

3. Brighten your trees and bushes with net lights

You can add a sparkle to your landscape these holidays by using net lights. This can be wrapped around tree trunks, hedges, and bushes. Unlike manually installing string lights, net lights save you time and effort.

Aside from net lights, you’ll also see rope lights around LA during the holiday season. It’s weather-resistant and more durable since the lights are wrapped inside a plastic material.

You can also pair net lights with string and icicle lights to complete your outdoor ensemble. Make sure that you pick the right colors that complement your front yard. 

4. Use rope lights word art

Rope lights look great when wrapped on trees, but you can also use them to create word art. You can write messages like “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”, which can be displayed on your roof or porch.

This is a creative way to maximize your Christmas lighting. You can use various writing styles and colors that you like. Be creative, and don’t hesitate to ask the help of professionals for the best results. 

5. Put up an outdoor Christmas tree

Outdoor Christmas trees are another foolproof decor choice these holidays. You can install artificial Christmas trees wrapped in sparkly string lights.

If you want to stand out, you can also install a light show Christmas tree. This outdoor holiday decoration has pre-programmed lights that glimmer in different patterns and colors. You can also have it synced to a holiday tune for added curb appeal.

Light show Christmas trees are available in various sizes. For large yards, you can install several of these outdoor holiday decorations. 

6. Save time with a light show projector

Light show projectors are popular Nationwide, especially for those who are too busy to decorate. It uses laser lights that can project a variety of patterns and colors into your home. You can choose snowmen, Santa Claus, snowflakes, and so on.

Simply install it in the yard facing your home. It will transform your yard into a kaleidoscope of colors with minimal effort. Feel free to install multiple projectors for a more festive vibe together with other decorations. 

7. Get inflatable decorations

Instead of storing large plastic decorations, you can switch to inflatables. These are easy to put up and can be taken down within minutes. Also, it’s a breeze to store without consuming too much space in your garage or shed.

You can choose from various designs like inflatable Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, snowflakes, and more. You can also adorn this with Christmas lights for a more eye-pleasing experience. 

Holiday decoration tips Nationwide

Don’t overdo it

As much as you’d want your yard to stand out, avoid overdoing your decorations. Too many displays will make your lawn look cramped and messy.

Instead, plan your decorations by drawing a plan on paper. Pick a focal point and an accent decoration where you will build the other displays.

Don’t worry because you can always try other decorations on the Christmases to come. For this year, choose a single theme and stick to it. 

Switch to LED lights

When shopping or renting Christmas lights Nationwide, you should choose LED options. LED or light-emitting diodes are energy-efficient since they only release small amounts of heat.

This means that the lights will use less electricity, and it’s also safer in terms of fire hazards. After all, LED is now the trend in LA, whether it’s for Christmas decorations or other lighting projects.

While incandescent Christmas lights are no longer popular, you should still take the time to check. You can also ask a professional like Rent For Event if you need quality LED light rentals for your decorations.

Overall, LED lights will ensure that you’ll have a safe and fun holiday celebration. It’s also cheaper to power up, especially if you plan to put up the lights for weeks. 

Always mind safety

Safety should be your priority when decorating your lawn for the holiday season. Make sure that ornaments won’t be tripping hazards.

Aside from that, you should be smart in installing your Christmas lights. Keep it away from flammable materials and use quality extension cords.

If you want peace of mind, our Los Angeles team can help. We are compliant with all city and state regulations when it comes to the installation of various outdoor lights. Rest assured that your home or commercial space will have safe decorations this season. 

Consider renting instead of buying.

For many, buying Christmas lights and decorations is the first impulse. However, this is often expensive and impractical for a variety of reasons.

First, buying the lights is expensive. Also, it will likely gather dust in storage for the rest of the year, which means it’s not maintained correctly either.

But if you rent, you’ll get new quality lights every Christmas. You’ll enjoy this equipment for a fraction of the price compared to buying it. 

Hire professional light installers in LA

If you’re new to installing Christmas lights, it’s best to hire professional installers instead. Our lighting techs in Rent For Event LA will ensure that all your Christmas lights are correctly installed. We will also help you choose the best bulb size, color, and pattern that suit your vision.

Our team will make your home stand out with eye-catching lights and decor. We also cater to last-minute requests, so don’t hesitate to call us wherever you are Nationwide.

Every Christmas, we transform lawns, commercial establishments, and other spaces with our decoration ideas. Yours can be the next beautiful scenery we can create!

Call us anytime if you need quality Christmas lights for your decorations. We also offer more lighting rentals as well as audio, video, staging, and pipe and drape, perfect for your holiday parties. 

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