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Top 15 hybrid event production tips?

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If you’re considering a hybrid event production then you may want to consider some extras. This is because putting on an event is stressful, but when it comes to being in two places at once; it can make things extra crazy. Don’t let this happen to you.

We know that event planning is crazy as it is. However, you shouldn’t have to push to get the event you want to throw. It can come easily with some direction from those who have already thrown epic hybrid events.

Use our top 15 hybrid event production tips to your advantage. These tips can change the way you do things when it comes to redesigning the event you’re putting on. We encourage you to make your event your own.

What is a Hybrid Event?


A hybrid event is when the event hosts guests both in-person and online. These events can be stressful as the person throwing them has to make sure to provide engaging experiences for both types of audiences. Putting on one of these events may seem hard, but with some help from others and useful tips; you should be able to put on a successful event. 

Hybrid event productions are perfect for almost every type of event. This allows almost everyone to throw a hybrid event, raise money, and awareness, bring people together, or for any other purpose.

Top 15 Hybrid Event Production Tips

Here are some of the best hybrid event production tips to keep your event going as smoothly as possible. You can use these tips to your advantage when trying to get more out of the event you’re throwing. This is also nice to have as a checklist if you’re new to throwing this type of hybrid event. 

  1. Approach and plan the event as if it is two events instead of one. This way, you don’t forget something during the planning phase. You want to keep the in-person event separate from the planning of the virtual event.
  2. You will need to give yourself enough time to plan everything out, but also enough time for your guests to enjoy themselves. Online events tend to run longer, over days sometimes, and in-person events run for a few hours. 
  3. Get the best speakers for the event. You will move your audience and have them do what you need them to do with the right speakers for the event. 
  4. Consider rentals instead of buying everything. You will need equipment for both types of events, so make sure to spend less and rent. Plus, you get the help of those who work behind the scenes with the equipment – putting less work on you.
  5. Be prepared for possible issues that could arise when you have both types of events. You want to give yourself enough notice to fix issues as they happen. Be prepared, be alert. 
  6. Have the same design for the entire event. This way, you’re planning two events but you’re only needing to design one. Give them both the same look and feel to reduce the extras on your plate.
  7. Repurpose the content and items you use in one event with another. You can do this with past events and this one. Use what worked and get rid of what didn’t. Upgrade what needs to be upgraded for the best results. 
  8. For the online audience: Make it concise, complete, and ready for them to dive into everything and learn as they go, at their own pace. Give them access to everything they need upfront.
  9. Make it special for everyone. Regardless of which area they’re showing up in; you need something special for each one of your guests to get them attached to the idea of what you’re trying to do.
  10. Make it easy for everyone to participate in the event. Whether online or in-person, you want the event to ask them for their participation during the event. Have polls, questionnaires, and other hands-on activities for them to dive into.
  11. Have a strong moderator to keep things running smoothly. This should go without saying, but if you find someone who can keep everything on track; then you’re in luck and both events are going to run smoothly. 
  12. Always do rehearsals for any presenters who are going to be presenting live during the event. You want to make sure to give them time to prepare themselves, then run through a couple of practice sessions before the real deal.
  13. Prep your team on how a hybrid event might be different from the events they’re used to putting on or going to. Make sure that everyone has a role to play, as well. They should know exactly what they’re doing when the event starts.
  14. Set any cameras for your speakers and other presenters at eye level. This way, they’re speaking to the audience, not above or below them. They should seem like they are there in person as the other audience is. 
  15. Not only have fast internet available for the event, but backup internet should something happen. This should be something to consider and make sure to have a backup option or plan B. This plan B might just move you through to where you need to be until the end of the event.

In Conclusion

Now that you have the tips necessary to put on an awesome event; you should have no issues planning it all out and making it happen. Just follow along with these tips and tricks, and make use of what they’re providing you with. Make a checklist from them and go down the list to put on the perfect hybrid event production. 

You should be able to get more out of your event. With help from Rent for Event LA, you can make sure that the rental portion of the list is covered. This is what is going to help you get the most out of the events that you put on and more. Give the professionals at the office a call, let them know you’re doing a hybrid event, and they’ll work with you on what you will need for both types of events. 

Knowledgeable and skilled, Rent for Event LA has the rentals and information you need for your upcoming hybrid event production. Call them today to learn more. 

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