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Top 10 Innovative Virtual Event Ideas for Your Company

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Are you looking for virtual team event ideas? You may be tired of a simple Zoom chat with your team as a gathering. Make your community more engaging. You can add virtual activities they will enjoy, make them closer, and improve team communication. 

We gathered a list of tips and fun virtual event ideas to make things more enjoyable for your company.

What Makes a Great Virtual Event?

Make your meetings more engaging.
We understand that some gatherings may be informative. But you can spice things up by keeping tabs on group members. You can ask questions, especially to those who have not actively spoken in the session.

Balance your schedule by adding surprises.
You can make it more interesting by adding fun activities in between sessions. In this way, your team has something to look forward to. Let your team know the event schedule so they know what to expect. Communicating your goals and expectations beforehand also creates an engaging conversation. 

Give them sessions where they can freely speak.
Let your team members ask random questions that can be non-related to your work. You can also establish that they can tell jokes from now and then. Humor can always save a boring day.

Keep your webcams on and group chat alive.
Use your webcams and group chat as a medium. Seeing your colleagues and speaking to them frequently makes everything at ease. Despite not being together physically, seeing their faces and any engagement makes you feel closer to them.  

List of Ideas for Virtual Events

1. Virtual Concert

This interesting virtual event idea will be an unforgettable experience. When planning a virtual concert, it is essential to prepare it in a way that operates well in the virtual environment. Instead of streaming a recorded video feed, you can create something special for the virtual world.

Inviting music artists that will perform for the virtual concert will make it more interesting for your team. You can also have your talented employees perform for the virtual concert. Virtual event production companies like us will help you set up the virtual platform, technical support, and AV equipment. We have LED stages, cameras, and other gear for the event.

2. Virtual DJ Booth

Add a virtual DJ booth to keep your attendees tuned in and pumped up. Considering hiring a DJ can keep the engagement of any virtual event. It is one of the most interactive virtual corporate event ideas.

The DJ can energize the team by playing during the event’s start while your attendees are waiting. It can also be a dance party during break time to keep your attendees awake and active. 

3. Professional In-studio Session Recordings

Elevate your team sessions by considering recording them in a studio with a production team. Professional recording sessions have the quality of tv commercials or news broadcasts. 

It can take your event to the next level. With the use of creative backdrops, LED backgrounds, and other professional equipment, it will make your virtual event livelier. 

4. Online Tours

Another top virtual event idea involves giving your audience a sense of traveling far from their home/office. You can work with some exciting locations. For example, you can offer 360-degree virtual visits to farms, factories, galleries, and other unique spots. 

In 2020, most museums worldwide put together virtual tours for those who can’t visit in person. You can take your team on an art and culture walk through some of the world’s most stunning museums, all from the comfort of your homes. 

5. Team Movie Night or Teleparty

Who doesn’t like watching movies, series, or documentaries? One of the most favorite virtual event ideas includes hosting a teleparty. Your company can vote on a selection of films and gather everyone for a watch party. 

Have everyone hop on a conference call from which you will stream the movie. You can also start the engagement by creating a group chat to discuss what movie to watch. It is also a great activity to get to know everyone by asking about their favorite movies, shows, and documentaries. 

6. Virtual Yoga Class

Yoga may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but everyone can benefit from a good stretch. It is a great bonding experience for your team’s seasoned yogis and non-athletes. 

Encourage colleagues who have never done yoga before. It can be a fun, new experience for them. Depending on your group’s skill level, your yoga session can be a fun 15 to 45 minutes. 

You can use a yoga video on YouTube to stream, have your most talented yogi as an instructor, or invite a professional instructor.

Tip: Make this a regular morning event before you start your shift. A morning yoga session is an excellent way to get your day started. 

Another option is incorporating a yoga session before the shift ends. You can practice restorative yoga. It can provide active relaxation, stimulating the immune system to lessen the effects of stress-related conditions. 

7. Health and Well-being Activities

If your team is exhausted from having everything done virtually, mindfulness activities will be helpful. Since the pandemic, most people have been struggling with physical and mental health. So why not switch things up by doing activities that will help their health and well-being?

Guided meditation is one of the healthiest virtual event ideas for work. For example, you can organize a meditation break between your sessions. You can also separate streaming for meditation activities. Your team can tune into those streams anytime for a change of pace. This way, they can also feel reenergized for work.

Other health and well-being activities are listening, deep breathing, guided storytelling, finger tracing, sensory experiences, and shaking exercises. Listening exercises can include nature sounds, classical music, or other relaxing audio.  

8. Social Games

Playing games is one of the top virtual social event ideas. It encourages camaraderie, team rapport, and creativity within your team. There are various online games that you can play with your team. 

You can also set up tournaments like Uno, Jackbox, Bingo, Scavenger Hunt, Chess, and word games. If you plan to use mobile devices, ensure everyone stays connected on your video conference to get real-time interactions. 

9. Virtual Happy Hours

Depending on the nature of your work, if happy hours are allowed in your company, you can add this to your list. This activity is one of the cool virtual event ideas. For some colleagues, after-work happy hours are where fellowship is built. This way, interactions flow more easily when people feel relaxed. It also promotes a sense of community, which can help people who work from home feel less alone.

We understand this may be challenging when team members are thousands of miles apart. With virtual happy hours, you can still hang out and share a few drinks in the comfort of your home. You can ask the team to prepare their beverages for the event. For example, you can pick a theme, such as beer hour or wine night.

Another way to do this is by setting up a virtual bar—an example, the head office can do this. You can have some members be in a particular place together and set up a cocktail bar. The rest can watch and drink in the comfort of their homes. 

10. Virtual Cooking Lessons and Coffee Breaks

Sharing a meal or drink unites people together. While it can be challenging to do this in person when working in different countries. You can arrange a virtual group cooking or cocktail-making class. Have all the ingredients sent to participants’ homes. 

Most office workers find coffee breaks helpful for catching up with coworkers or discussing work-related questions. You can still do this in a virtual setting by creating a space for them. You can set up a platform where they can still come and be around their colleagues.

It can be done by creating a virtual meeting room. Make it easily accessible as a recurring meeting invite. Some organizations add coffee break perks to their employees. You can send high-quality coffee blends to their homes or provide gift cards to coffee shops. 

In addition to cooking lessons, you can add coffee brewing classes on making exceptional coffee worldwide. It is also a great point of conversation to get to know how each enjoys their cup of coffee. 

Key Takeaway

Virtual events provide exciting ways to encourage team members’ engagement and performance. Numerous cool virtual event ideas will bring your meeting to life. These virtual company event ideas promote closer relationships that can help you grow as a team and individually. 

Renting a Virtual Event Production Company

Working with a virtual event production company like Rent For Event will make it much easier for you. You will find everything that you need in one place. Our project managers can help you with hosting virtual events ideas. They will help you every step of the way.

We have a team of experts with a combined experience of 20+ years in the event production industry. They will help you think of the best virtual event ideas for companies and decide on a suitable platform for your virtual event. Our technical team will help you resolve bad connections and provide you with the necessary equipment.

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