The Top 3 Common AV Issue Areas and How To Deal With Them

Top 3 AV Issues

In a perfect world, you prepare for the worse, aim for the best and everything goes perfect without a single hiccup when it comes to your event. However, in reality, there is almost always something that goes wrong that can be a small issue but sometimes a big issue. Today, we are going to share the top 3 common AV issue areas and how to deal with them. We will break down some of the most common challenges you may face in each of these areas during your event so that you are better equipped to prevent and deal with any of them if they arise.

Sound Issues

Sound issues fall under some of the most common audiovisual issues that you can face during an event. When audio issues occur, they can frustrate your audience and make your event look unprofessional which is not a fun situation for anyone. Some common but often overlooked issues include presenters or performers causing loud audio feedback by bringing the microphone to close to the speaker to microphone batteries dying or sound temporarily shutting off altogether. All of these can be avoided by taking some key preventative measures such as ensuring the presenters or performers understand where to keep the microphone, keeping plenty of backup mics and batteries on hand and doing a rigorous sound check before the event to ensure no major issues occur when the event is live. Below are some common issue areas and how to effectively prevent them and deal with them if they pop up.

Volume: Sometimes people in the audience won’t be able to hear or the audio may be too loud for them, many times this is caused by speaker placement. How you set up your speakers will vary based on the type of room they are being placed in. Naturally, you’ll want to have speakers set up on the right and left of the space but also in the middle on the front of the stage, these are known as “center fill” speakers. In deep rooms, you’ll want to have delay speakers set up to supplement sound for the back of the room. For optimal volume, you may want to use line array speakers, large curved speakers you often see hanging in the air at concert venues, so that everyone in the audience can hear and all gaps are filled in. It’s always best to have a pro-AV team set this all up for you, you can start by learning How Much It Should Cost To Rent AV Equipment For Your Event and checking out our audio rental packages to find what’s best for you.

Battery Malfunction: When using wireless mics, you may experience battery malfunctions or power outages. To best prepare for these situations make sure you and your AV team always have backup batteries, backup wireless microphones and have wired microphones on lecterns as an extra back up precaution. This ensures your presenters or performers have smooth audio throughout the event.

Lighting Issues

Lighting issues can quickly ruin the quality of your event so it’s crucial to properly prevent them and know what to look for.

Power Outage: The biggest lighting issue you can face is a catastrophic power outage where all the lights turn completely off. To prevent this, make sure you consider the power capacity of the venue and equipment that you use and if a power outage does go down, be sure to have some backup power generators you can use to keep the event going. The last thing you want is to keep people in the dark at your event.

Poor Lighting Setup: Sometimes event planners struggle with setting up lighting because presenters or performers don’t want it too strong, videographers and photographers want it bright so they can capture the best footage and photos. So how do you ensure proper lighting? First of all, consider who your main audience is. Is it the live audience at your event or a bigger audience you plan to reach with recordings for your event? If it is your live audience, optimize the lighting for them and the performers or presenters. However, if your primary audience will be reached through videography and photography of the event, you will want to make sure the lights are bright enough to create quality and clear images. You can learn more about what lighting equipment we offer here, we recommend you consult with an AV expert when choosing.

Technology Issues

A major component of the AV setup and experience at your event will be based on the technology you use and whether or not it is properly setup. Below are some of the most common technical issues you may face and how to prevent and resolve them.

Wrong Screen Size/Placement: An often overlooked element is the size of your event’s screen and whether or not it can be seen clearly by everyone in the audience from front to back. Making a screen to small or large causes visibility issues, be sure to accommodate your specific audience size and place the screen in a proper position where everyone can see. You don’t want to make it too low where people in the back can’t see and too high where people in the front can’t see, be sure to find and test your sweet spot to create the optimal experience.

Video Not Working: Sometimes the video will stop working and this is something you definitely want to avoid as it interrupts the flow of your event and can have a big impact on the experience. If your projector burns out or stops working there are a few things you can do. You can use running spares which are stacked projectors so that one or more are still running in case one of them malfunctions, this can also make the projector image brighter. Another thing you can do is make sure to have backup project bulbs or even a backup projector to swap the malfunctioned one with. Ideally, the issue isn’t even noticed so running spares are highly recommended. Consult with your AV team to determine the best choice for your event, you can check out the video equipment we offer here to learn more.

Content Is Not Legible/Too Small: Many of us have experienced this before, you go to an event only to struggle reading the text in presentations you are shown due to it being too small or not clear enough. This is very frustrating for the audience because they want to understand and get the most out of presentations. This can be prevented by optimizing the designs of your presentations for readability which should be tested before the event. You also want to make sure your projector(s) is properly set up and focused on the screen(s) you will be using.

Now that you know some of the most common AV issues and how to deal with them, we hope that you and your attendees can experience a more seamless and maybe even flawless event!


To learn more about the AV packages we offer for events, be sure to check out our packages page or call 1-844-852-2299 to learn more about our services and rates.

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