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Stage rental: How to choose the best stage for your next event

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Choosing a stage for your next event is a bit undertaking. You want to make sure you’re considering every factor before making a final decision. The stage is going to be the focal point of your event most likely, choosing the right one is crucial.

Consider a stage rental instead of buying a stage for yourself. If this is the only time or there are only going to be a couple of times that you use the stage, buying one would not be ideal. With a stage rental, you also know you’re working with professionals who are able to help. They can provide insight on which stage rental might be the best for you to go with depending on your specific event needs. 

Here are some tips to help you choose the best stage for your next event when you want to rent a stage. Make the right decision based on what you might need the stage for and more. 

What Type of Event Is It?

stage rental

The type of event that you’re having is going to also help you determine which type of stage you need. With a handful of different stages, you can determine which ones might suit your needs based on the event type.

For example, you will need something built for sound when you are having a live speaker or a music event. You might want something smaller and less boastful for smaller, private events. You can also choose portable stages that you can quickly pick up and move around to where you might need them based on whatever they’re needed for. 

With many choices, the type of event is going to help you narrow it down to which fits the best. 

How Large of an Area Do You Have?

The size of the area is going to also determine the type of size of stage that you get. The smaller the area, the smaller the stage is going to have to be. Some of the stages require a minimum amount of space, as well. This is something to take note of. You will want to look for a venue that can accommodate not just your audience but also the stage and the equipment, or any other furniture you want to have. 

The amount of people are also going to be crucial at determining which stage you will need. Not just the people looking, because you need a large enough stage for the people in the back to see, but also large enough for anyone that needs to be on the stage itself. This is a consideration that is often overlooked. Consider the size of the area, the layout you can place the stage in, as well as the people both on and off the stage. 

Size matters in accordance with stages. Make the most of the stage you can rent.  

How Flexible Do You Need the Stage?

outdoor stage rental

Flexibility is important for many. You want to have the advantage of having a mobile stage that you can pick up and put down wherever you want. When you get this, even the trusses and stage decks can come along with you to wherever they’re needed. These are more portable than the larger, fixed stages that have to sit in one place.

The stages are flexible on what they can be used for, how they can be used, and where they can be used. Outdoor stage rental is something that can provide you with a way to have a stage for performances, speakers, events, and anything else you might need one for. This gives you a stage rental for any area that you want to have a stage at for any event. 

Consider your event’s venue and then consider the stage you might need based on the flexibility of the stage. 

Consider Extra Effects Like Lighting

stage lights

There are extra effects that you have to account for when it comes to the inside and around the outside of the stage. Lighting is one of those things. You don’t want to miss out on the lighting that might change the entire look and feel of the stage itself. This is also something that can be rented through a stage rental company. You just need to tell them what you want to use the stage for and they can recommend more lighting and also other essentials. 

These essentials could include audio and visual equipment, computers, tables and chairs, lasers, and other great items to keep the stage setup and ready to go. Find out what other extra effects you could be using for the event you’re having and using the stage rental for. Lighting is just one component of so many others that could be making your event even better. 

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Technology can be a big part of any event. When you’re connecting things to the stage, make sure that the technology that you want used is being used. This means hooking up any laptops or computers to the system. You can play music, video, pictures, and anything else; even control light shows through the use of technology. When you want to have an event unlike any other, then technology is something you want to go with.

This also means costs. When it comes to getting better equipment due to having better technology, it is going to cost more. These costs are justified when you see the quality difference in the technology being used for the event. This is something that many people some times don’t realize. 


How Durable Do You Need the Stage to Be?

Durability is one of those things that many people simply do not think about. They don’t think about whether the stage would be able to hold a specific amount of people or if those people were jumping – could it withstand it then? 

These are valid questions. When you go to get your stage rental, you should make sure to speak with the professionals first. Ask them more about the weight rating on the stage(s) you’ll be renting. You don’t want to find yourself worrying about the durability of the stage that you’re on when the event starts. This would be a big fail. Instead, know ahead of time if the stage is able to hold up to what you want to do on it during the event. 

Bring it up during the rental time when booking with them. From then on, they can recommend a different one if the current doesn’t fit your needs or something different entirely. Speak with them today and rest assured tomorrow knowing the stage has your back.  

In Conclusion

Now that you know how to choose the best stage for your rental, you can talk with professionals. They’re better able to provide you with any answers you might still need, but also the ability to help you choose the right stage rental. When you’re ready, give Rent for Event LA a call. They’ll be happy to provide you with more information or even set up a rental for your upcoming event. Check them out today to see what they can provide as stage rentals for tomorrow. You’ll be glad you did. 

Now We Are National

We have expanded our operations to offer more rental services across the country. Before you’d only see us Nationwide, but now you can find our rental services in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Miami, and Orlando. We went from one coast to the other providing quality event rental services along the way. Check out one of our locations to find the rentals you need today.  

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