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Pipe and Drape Rental Cost For Your Next Event 

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The pipe and drape rental cost for your next event is something that you can consider before moving forward with the rental. The event that you’re throwing might need to be sectioned off, it might need a way to create a more private boundary, or you might want to hide the junk sitting off to the side of the room. Whatever the need, learn more about pipe and drape and what to expect from it. 

Those who are looking for the pipe and drape rental cost for your upcoming event might not get the exact quote they are looking for, but having an idea of the cost associated with the rental can help. With our information, learn more about not just pipe and drape and how it can be used for your event, but have an idea of what you might spend to rent some for your event. Once you have this information, you can easily make a more informed decision on whether this product is right for you and the specific event you’re throwing. 

Read on to learn more about pipe and drape, the costs, and everything in between. 

What is Pipe and Drape

pipe and drape cost

Pipe and drape is a large peice of velour fabric material that is sewn to resemble a long curtain (drape) that has been placed on telescoping rods that are held upright by a weighted base. These are used to section of private areas, hide off areas, or create a more visually pleasing effect for a space of an event. They are an ideal, temporary, and beautiful way to create a look you want with little amount of time.

One of the biggest benefits of pipe and drape rentals is that they are so affordable. The pipe and drape cost to rent is lower than having to purchase these curtains outright. If you’re not going to be throwing regular events, then don’t throw money out the window. You can use these and have the company set them up, take them down, and ensure everything is together for you.

Take one less thing off your plate with help from the pipe and drape rental company who is providing the product and services to you. Pipe and drape can do a lot for a space, find out for yourself.   

Pipe and Drape Rental Costs

pipe and drape

If you’re considering pipe and drape rental costs, then make sure to look at some figures beforehand. While, these are not going to be exact because your situation is different but having a general idea of cost is a good idea. We’d gathered some great information to ensure that you have all you need to make a decision with some facts behind you.

It costs approximately $6 to $20 per foot of curtain and rod that you will need for your event. There are also whole setups that you can rent that provide not just the length, but they can create small cubicles for events to create private seating areas. These run between $75 and $350 depending on the setup, size, and other factors. Consider your budget and then go with the costs that feel the most comfortable with the specific amount of pipe and drape you might need for your event. The knowledgeable professionals with the rental company can help you determine how much you might need if you’re unsure. This way, you know you’re getting the right amount of drape and rod for your specific event needs for them. 

If you want custom curtains for the event, this is an extra charge but it can be done. This allows you to be in control of how the event looks, whether you want a picture or specific color on the drapes, you can be sure to get that. The pipe and drape cost per foot is almost always given, so you know how much you need to spend given the amount of space you need to cover with the pipe and drape rented.

Additionally, there may be promos, discounts, and additional savings that are happening throughout the year. It is always good to speak with them about the pricing. You might be able to get a great price when using multiple panels over time, or any other special need. Ask the company today what your quote might be and know you’re getting one of the best prices around for a drape and rod rental.  

Pipe and Drape Rental: Great for All Events

pipe and drape for event

You’re easily able to enjoy the ability to have a versatile way to setup the right look for your event. If you need drapes that create a more private space, or if you want something to create lines and sections with; these are an ideal piece to have.

There are numerous ways you can set up these drapes and rod. Whether you need to separate a space, or if you need to create an illusion of some sort, you can be sure that this type of rental is going to help you accomplish that. Many people have gotten creative with this type of product over the years and if you want something that is going to help you set the mood and feel of the event; this is the perfect piece to rent.

Always keep them in mindwhen you have an event coming up that might require these. They are helpful and can provide many benefits to any type of event you need them for.  

In Conclusion

Those who are looking for a great way to section of the many areas of the space you’re in, take a look at pipe and drape rentals. We have many different colors, sizes, and other options to choose from to make your next event a hit. Let us provide the rentals you need and want with little hassle. Enjoy the benefits of a rental that works for you. Give us a call today to get on the books for your upcoming event. Have the drapes ready whenever you are. Call today!

Now We Are National

We are currently national, offering the best services for Rent For Event that you can get. If you need rental services from our team, and you are not located Nationwide, no worries. We’ve expanded to other areas including Miami, Orlando, and Las Vegas. Always trust in our services, regardless of what city you’re in. We have you covered. Give us a call today to set something up. 

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