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Party Lighting Rental – 6 Ideas to Light Your Party Up

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Party light rentals in US should not be difficult to find, but the right rental company is going to make a difference. Whether you need an indoor or outdoor party lighting rental; the right company is going to be able to meet the demands you have for your specific event. If you want to find out some of the best party lighting ideas and make the most of that event you’re throwing then continue reading. We’ve compiled the top 6 lighting ideas for any event that’s happening.

1. Laser Lighting

Laser lighting is great because you can project anything on the walls or floors of the event. Using GOBO projectors, you are able to put up a message, a logo, or anything else you can think of. This allows for marketing or even a sweet addition to the event that you are throwing. This is also an affordable way to get more lighting in your party that is different from what everyone else does at their events.

2. Uplighting

Uplighting is perfect for those who want to shine lights on a specific piece within an event. You can uplight the dance floor, the tables, the bar, or just about anything else. This type of lighting is easy to install and creates a soft glow wherever you need it. It is also perfect for walkways when you want to create the best atmosphere with the right lighting products.

3. Stage Lighting

stage lighting

Stage lighting is perfect when you have something happening up on stage for your guests to watch or view. Stage lighting sometimes includes spot lights, strobe lights, or even a wash light. Stages are common to have for many events, so when you are going to have one for yours it is important to let the professional know this. The rental professionals can recommend the best stage lighting that will work for your specific type of event.

4. Floor Lighting

If you are looking for a dance party lights rental then floor lighting can make all the difference for the dance floor. The floor is something that you can illuminate by using LED lights or string lights. Both of these types of lighting equipment are easy to set up by professionals. They are also something that stands out and can change the entire feel of an event. The lighting can be set up around the outside of the walking paths, dance floor, or any other space that you will have foot traffic going through or handing out on.

5. String Lights

outdoor party string lighting

String lights can create a calm, inviting atmosphere, especially when used for outdoor event lighting. Party lights can be any type of lighting, and if you are having an outdoor event in a specific area then string lights might be best to use. You can also use these against the walls to create a rain visual effect with the string lights.

Ask about the types of string lights that can make your event a success. String lights do not have to be something that is used sparingly either. You can string them around the room, furniture, hung from ceilings and walls, or even around trellises or other structures outside to create the best look and feel for the area during the event. String lights allow everyone to be creative with their event planning and setup.

6. Black Lighting

woman under uv black light

Black lights can also be used and this can create a glowing effect when you have your guests wear bright colors to the event. This is a great way to make the entire event glow. It is a bit darker, so the specific event has to allow or call for this type of atmosphere, but it can be worth it to see how much fun you can have in black lights.

You can also get even more great rental ideas with a guide that is full of many different ideas. Customer service at Rent for Event LA can also help you come up with other great ideas to make your next upcoming event a success with the right lighting.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for party light rentals, then knowing who to work with is essential. With so many light options, you can feel confident knowing that when you work with Rent for Event you are getting the best quality help and service. Speak with them today when you give them a call. You can have them recommend the best lighting choices to go with for the needs that you have. Light up your party with some lighting rentals from Rent for Event today.

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