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Outdoor String Light Ideas For Your Next Event

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String lights lend a magical touch to any event. It’s popular for weddings, movie nights, or just an intimate patio dinner. With creative outdoor string light ideas, you can turn any venue into a dreamy place.

For your next event, you can light up the night (or day) with the string lighting ideas below. This will give your outdoor venue an aesthetic vibe for a very low cost. 

1. Overhead twinkling lights

You can place string lights overhead your porch to create a twinkling effect. This works well if you choose string lights with the same color as the ceiling. It will look like the lights are floating – much like fireflies! For the best effect, you can make the string lights denser. 

2. Overhead table lighting

You can hang vintage string lights over your party table. This will give a cozy and intimate feel, perfect for a small patio or backyard gatherings. It will make al fresco dining more memorable and picture-perfect. You can also choose different bulb sizes and colors to match the ambiance you like.

3. Table centerpiece

Using small, battery-powered string lights, you can create an illuminating table centerpiece for your event. You can place a handful of string lights inside a jar to create a ‘firefly’ effect. It will give a magical vibe to the dining space of your guests. This will also keep the table visible even if the main event lights go dim.

4. String light canopy

If you’re having an event in a patio, backyard, or garden, a string light canopy is surely a great idea. These loose hanging lights will keep the place illuminated while adding an aesthetic touch to the event. You can set backyard string lights closely to achieve the intensity you prefer. Aside from that, you can get patio string lights with higher lumens aside from the classic off-yellow hue.

5. Outdoor movie ambient lighting

Are you hosting a movie night event? Aside from the movies and snacks, string lights are also a staple. You can place them around the projector screen or as decorations around the cushion or beanbags. It’s perfect for romantic movie dates or even a community movie screening.

6. String lights waterfall

A string lights waterfall will let you maximize this lighting with all its glory. To achieve this, you need long strands of string lights to create the illusion of flowing lights. It’s perfect for illuminating bare walls or boring corners of your venue. It can also be utilized as a backdrop.

7. Fairy light wall

Is the string waterfall too intense for you? In that case, you can try a fairy light wall. Simply hang string lights vertically against the wall. A warm light color is a perfect choice for this, especially if you want a cozy or relaxed vibe in your venue.

8. String light icicles

String light icicles can give your venue’s façade a grand and classy look. It’s also a perfect decoration for wedding arches, event entrances, or the trees of an outdoor venue. You can opt for LED string lights with changing colors and patterns.

9. Pathway lighting

You can use string lights to line a path on your event. This is a creative way to let the guests know of the thoroughfares in and out of the venue. You can hang it using portable posts or lay it along the pathway. For ground installation, you can use rope lights instead to protect the lights against water damage.

10. Glowing garden lighting

Is there a thick hedge on your venue? You can place DIY string lights on it to create a glowing garden look. The small string lights will blend well with the foliage as if there are hundreds of fireflies on it. For the best effect, you should use warm and cozy colors for this.

11. Cozy tree lights

String lights outdoors can also be installed around tree trunks and branches. You can wrap the string lights around the tree or have it hanging loosely. This is a great way to keep the entire garden or backyard bright aside from the aesthetic value.

12. Fence lighting

String lights are also excellent fence lighting solutions. You can place it like a waterfall, icicle, or hang it horizontally. You can also use string lights as dividers to create zones in your venue. This will also let guests know the limits of the venue.

13. Bistro-style pool lighting

Did anyone say pool party at night? You can make the experience more fun by hanging bistro-style string lights above the pool. This will keep the pool area well-lit, not to mention that it will give a relaxing atmosphere to the venue. Overall, this is perfect for a romantic pool night.

14. Fire pit lighting

Barbecue nights are fun and you can level up its ambiance by hanging string lights around. These lights create a nostalgic summer vibe, especially when placed near the fire pit or as overhead lighting. Paired with Adirondack chairs, cans of beer, and a good BBQ, you’re surely up for a fun night.

15. Parasol lighting

If you have parasols or a patio umbrella, you can place string lights underneath. This will keep the spot well-lit and create a warm feel that kids will surely love. You can also match the string light with the color of your parasol frame for a floating light illusion.

Brighten up your outdoor events!

String lights are versatile when it comes to transforming outdoor spaces. It’s highly aesthetic and very easy to install anywhere. You can also find them in weatherproof versions, color-changing setups, different colors, and various shapes.

If you’re looking for a string lights provider, don’t hesitate to call Rent For Event. We have a large inventory of string lights whether it’s for a small or large venue. All our string light rentals can be paired with complete delivery and technical setup for your convenience.

Overall, there are many ways to use string lights to brighten up your next outdoor venue. If you want to try the ideas above on your event, you can call us and we will provide all your string light needs. 

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