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LED Wall Rental – The Ultimate Guide

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LED wall rentals are great to use for many reasons. Having an LED wall hanging and picture can provide you with a way to enjoy all that the screen is able to show. These screens can be used in a number of ways and when you are considering adding them to your event, meeting, or other situation then renting one would be the most ideal way to go. The LED screen rental costs are affordable for many budgets. Learn more about these LED display rentals and find out how they can provide you with what you need for your upcoming event.

1. Definition of LED Display Rental

A LED display rental is a rental that provides a screen with LED bulbs and technology on the inside. LEDs are used in almost all types of screens, though so this is a very broad way to describe these screens. LED display screen rentals are usually talking about screens that are much larger than a normal type of television or other display screen.
They are more known as “LED video walls” that create much larger pictures with smaller screens that are placed together normally. This can create customized sizes and shapes with these screens, creating a more unique LED video wall or display.

2. Types Of LED Wall


Modular LED walls are cleaner to look at. They usually come in squares of 2’x2′ and then put together to create different sizes and shapes. This is one of the most popular choices when making something more customizable.


These are a flexible, speedy way to get a screen to the location you want to have it in. They’re already assembled on the side of a truck or other large vehicle and then shown outdoors. These are great for large groups outdoors, and not used indoors.


The resolution and quality of the indoor screens are higher than those used outdoors. These panels are usually modular and put together for your event specifically. They can be created on the walls of the event space and made into any shape and size that you’d like.


These screens are made to be viewed from longer distances. They’re also much better at dealing with sunshine from outside and are usually more durable than other options. They are also modular screens that are customized to your liking for your event.

3. LED Screen Technical Specifications

Pixel Pitch

This is the space that is between the pixels that make up the picture on the screen. The lower the number, or closer the pixels, the higher the image quality is. This not only determines picture clarity, but also how far you’re able to see the picture from.


The resolution is the quality of the picture. The higher the numbers, the higher the quality is going to be in the picture. This is the amount of pixels that are shown in a display on the screen.

Ingress Protection (IP)

This is the resistance to the outside elements. The first number in this combo is how resistant it is to solid objects and the second is how resistant it is to liquids. Screens that are going to be used outdoors need to have a rating that is at IP65 or higher.


The brightness of a screen matters, especially when you place it indoors or out. Regular televisions placed inside homes are between 200-500 nits while LED screens have between 5000 to 8000 nits. This makes them much brighter and clearer.

Aspect Ratio

The standard 16:9 (1:75:1) LED wall aspect ratio is recommended for those who want the best viewing pleasure. This is where the clearest picture is shown and the highest LED quality that you’re able to get on these boards.

4. LED Screen Rental Prices

When you’d like to rent a screen, you want to have an idea of what you’re going to be spending on it. You want to know that you’re within your budget. Here is an idea of what to expect when it comes to renting your LED screen for the right price.
The LED screen rental price can range from $1,600 to $12,000 depending on the size and specifics of the screen that you’d like to rent. Speaking with a professional can help you better determine which size and type of screen you need so you can narrow the price down more.

5. Make Sure LED Screen Rental Is Right To You

When the time comes to choose a LED screen for rental, you want to make sure the screen is right for you. If you’re still stuck and would like a bit more help then you can always speak with one of our knowledgeable professionals. They’d be more than happy to provide help. So, here are some specifics to keep in mind:
  • How the screen is to view in the daytime, or even during nighttime hours depending on when your event is being held
  • The best clarity, color contrast, and visibility
  • Rain and wind resistance at outdoor events (as for weatherproof LED screens)
  • Whether you need a custom size for your event
Here are some options when a projector screen rental might be more handy:
  • Outdoor movie night
  • Indoor use in darker lit rooms
  • If a projector is not best suited for your needs, then consider a TV rental. These rentals are great for the following uses:
    • When you don’t need mass viewing during an event 
    • There is a short distance between the screen and potential viewers

    6. Steps to LED Screen Rental

    Knowing the quick steps you need to take to finalize your LED screen rental can help to make your life a bit easier. We summarized 6 quick steps to take to ensure you’re getting the most from your LED screen rental
    1. Get in touch with us and speak with us about the event you’re putting on and the needs you have.
    2. Choose the right screen for the event that you’re holding. We can help with this part if needed.
    3. Look over and sign the contract for the rental LED screen. Make sure the led video wall rental cost is the same agreed upon.
    4. Prepare the event space for the screen according to the instructions given to you, or we can do this part for you.
    5. The crew comes and sets up the LED screens for you as you agreed upon during the contract. 
    6. Once the event is done, the crew will take the screens down and we’d love it if you provided feedback for the rental services we provided.

    In Conclusion

    Those looking for the right LED wall rentals are in luck with the best rental company out there. You can ensure that you’re obtaining not just the right screens, but the right sizes, the right shapes, the right type for your event. With our knowledgeable staff and great prices, you get the best of all worlds. Call us today at Rent for Event LA. We’d love to set you up with your next LED screen rental.

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