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LED Video Wall Rental For an MTV Video Music Award Themed Birthday Party

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Our client Kim from Sweet Life Events, an event company based in NY and California, wanted to create a special birthday event that has a theme based on the MTV Video Music Awards.

Kim is a professional event planner with years of experience who knows that having the right equipment and setup for any event is crucial to ensure it is a success.

1. What Our Client Wanted

led video wall for event

Kim wanted to create a special birthday party with an MTV VMA theme with the right space and setup. The space was beautiful but needed the proper lighting and LED screens to ensure that it gave the vibe of a music award event while also being a lot of fun.

We first took our time to evaluate the needs of the client and consider the space we were working with.

The space was beautiful, large, and had white walls all around but after looking deeper into what we can implement to make it really stand out and give the feeling you are at an award show.

2. Our Recommended Solution For Them

event planning tips

After considering all the different factors of the event from the space to the programming for it, our Technical Director Igor made a few key recommendations to ensure that the event setup would be a success. The first observation he made is that the space would need an LED wall.

Since the space isn’t extremely large and attendees will be close to the screen, we were able to determine that a high resolution 2.6 MM LED wall would make the most sense as it has a higher resolution up close compared to other options such as a 3.9 MM LED wall which is better for huge events where attendees will be far away from the LED screen.

The 2.6 MM screen was setup on the center of the wall to display videos the client shared and in order to give it a real award show effect, we also set up 2 projectors that were displayed next to the main LED wall so the 3 displays were side to side.

We also setup uplights across the ceiling as well as 10 moving head lights to create a true nightclub vibe in addition to a full DJ setup with a powerful 6-kilowatt audio system to ensure a true award show feel for all the attendees.

3. What Are Uplights and Moving Head Lights?

uplighting rental

A moving head light, sometimes called a luminaire or fixture, is a versatile light designed to replace conventional non-moving lights.

Depending on the venue and how they’re used, moving headlights can be a great addition to an event because, with proper programming, they can swiftly alter many aspects such as where they shine their light and how bright the light is, or what color it is, changing the “personality” of the light very quickly.

The lighting settings for these are typically pre-programmed and played back using simple commands, although moving heads can also be controlled “live” if you have a sufficiently experienced operator for them. These are very common at music events and award shows so they were naturally a perfect fit for this event.

How Our Client Felt About The Work We Did

best av company

Rent For Event did all the lighting, the LED screen, and everything we needed. I’ve been working with them for a while now, about 4 years.
They are just amazing guys and so helpful. Very professional, always on time and they always go that extra mile for you. That’s why I love them because I can rely on them to always go that extra step for me in case there’s anything I miss, they always catch it. I recommend them 100%!”
Kim, Sweet Life Events
You can learn more about our LED wall rental services here or call us directly at (877) 409-6999. We’re always happy and honored to help event planners fully realize their vision.

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