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How to Make a Movie Theater at Home

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Knowing how to make a movie theater at home is now easier than ever! You can bring the cinema experience to your backyard or living room through simple steps.

Gone are the days when you have to go to a local theater to watch a movie. Nowadays, you can enjoy thousands of flicks right from the comfort of your own home.

But instead of settling on typical television sets, you can try a home movie theater. Below, we listed all the essentials and added tips for the best experience. 

how to make a movie theater at home

Home movie theater essentials

Number of viewers

First, you have to consider how many people are watching in your DIY movie theater. The number of viewers will dictate where to set up the equipment and the screen size you will get.

For most family viewing, the living room would provide enough space. Meanwhile, larger movie screenings can be done in your backyard.

Aside from the venue, the number of viewers you’re expecting will also affect the screen size you need. We discussed more on this below. 


While you can bring your TV set outdoors, it’s not usually big enough for enjoyable viewing. Instead, it would be best if you opted for a projector rental.

A projector offers a wide range of adjustable image sizes. It will bring the wow factor to your home movie theater, especially at night.

Projectors work best for movie nights under the stars. However, it’s not bright enough for outdoor daytime viewing. In this case, you should consider a LED screen rental instead. 

Projector screen

Projector screens can make or break your home movie theater. If it’s too small, your guests will not enjoy the movie. If it’s too big, it won’t match the projector and will consume excessive space.

For intimate movie nights, we have fast-fold projector screens with up to 330 inches of viewing surface.

But if you’re inviting more guests, we suggest inflatable projector screens. We have these inflatable screens from 20 to 40 feet wide. This can accommodate 100 to 500 people, perfect for parties! 

High-quality speakers

It’s not enough that you have a quality projector and screen rental. You also need a set of excellent speakers for an immersive viewing experience.

At Rent For Event, we have a wide range of audio equipment rentals to choose from. Our team can help you find the best option for your movie theater at home.

We have subwoofers, compact speakers, PA systems, and loudspeakers. Rest assured that every background music and conversation in the movie will be heard. 

Optional ambient lighting

You can also add dimmable lighting to your setup for an authentic cinema vibe. Additional lighting will set the mood, but it must be placed strategically to avoid messing with the projector.

You can use string lights or fairy lights for a laidback vibe. You can also use these lights to light the walkway leading to your home movie theater. 

Comfy seats

Aside from your home movie equipment, you shouldn’t forget comfortable seats. You can set up bean bags, chairs, or recliners to make the setup cozy. While you’re at it, get some cushions and throw pillows for added comfort.

You must place the seats at an ideal distance from the screen. This way, the front row won’t be tilting their head up too much while watching.

Also, leave enough space between seats to keep everyone comfortable. Your guests shouldn’t feel too cramped while watching. 

Drinks and snacks

Make sure you have some drinks and snacks prepped before the movie starts! Get some popcorn, pizza, chips, hotdogs, or other snacks you or your guests would like.

For a complete cinema vibe, you can also get a popcorn stand. You can also set up a snack trolley, so everyone gets food without getting up multiple times. 

DIY movie theater tips

Here are additional tips to guarantee a fun movie theater experience in your home.

Keep the bugs away

Movie nights under the stars are fun until the bugs come biting everyone. So aside from all the essentials discussed above, you should also keep a bug spray handy.

Some would also light mosquito coils or citronella candles to ward off the nasty bugs. If you’re using this, always place it away from flammable materials. Also, observe proper ventilation at all times. 

Control ambient sound

Ambient sound is a big problem while setting up a home movie theater in your backyard. Since it’s an open space, the noise can be challenging to control.

On the other hand, there can also be ambient noises indoors. The noise coming from appliances and the kitchen will impact your sound system.

Try to soundproof your surroundings by closing doors, putting up thick curtains, and sealing cracks. For outdoor settings, starting the movie night a bit later than usual can help. 

Keep your wiring neat.

Cable clutter is a common problem among home movie theaters. It’s important to address this since exposed wiring can be a tripping hazard. Also, it can cause electrocution, especially in an outdoor setting.

Use adhesive hooks, cable ties, bungee cords, and flexible piping to protect the wires. Also, try running all the cables along the walls or away from foot traffic. 

Pick the movie ahead!

You wouldn’t want to waste time trying to pick a movie once everything is set up. Choose your movie lineup early if you want an enjoyable home movie experience.

Consider having at least three movies ready, so you’ll make the most out of your setup. Also, this will give your guests options without skimming through hundreds of options. 

Limit reflective objects

You must minimize anything that reflects light aside from the screen itself. This unnecessary reflection or glare will negatively impact your guests’ viewing experience.

For example, you must cover shiny doorknobs, light fixtures, or countertops. If you have shiny or glittery decors, cover them as well.

The goal is to allow your guests to focus on the screen without visual disturbance. 

Manage wireless signals

Wireless signals can be tricky when setting up your home movie theater. Make sure that you have a strong Wi-Fi signal for a seamless viewing experience.

Also, check if other devices are interfering with your wireless connections. This happens a lot to wireless speakers when placed beside another wireless device.

If all else fails, wired connections will save the day. Again, you must manage your cables to keep your home movie theater neat and safe. 

Enjoy a complete home movie theater today!

Nothing compares to enjoying a fun movie in the comfort of your own home. Instead of watching from your TV, you can level up the experience with projectors, screens, and audio equipment rentals.

Here at Rent For Event, we want you to have the ultimate movie night experience. Instead of going to cinemas, we will bring the theater to you.

We offer full-service outdoor and indoor movie rentals for a competitive cost. Not only that, but we also provide complete delivery, setup, operation, and pickup. 

All you have to do is sit back, watch, and enjoy! Our professional AV team will ensure that you and your guests will have a great time.

Call us anytime to book or inquire about our rentals. Our team is more than happy to assist you!

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