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How Much Does it Cost To Rent a Stage in Orlando?

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A stage will level up your Orlando event and create more impact on your audience. It will become the focal point of the gathering, especially during large concerts, festivals, and parties. But if you’re new to stage rentals, you’re probably asking, how much does it cost to rent a stage?

In this post, we will guide you on stage rental prices to ensure it meets the needs of your event. 

how much does it cost to rent a stage in orlando

Cost of stage rentals in Orlando

The cost of renting an event stage varies, depending on a few factors (discussed below). Also, stage rentals are highly customizable, which means their prices are always on a sliding scale.

To remove the guesswork, we discussed our pricing here to help you decide and adjust your event budget. 

Outdoor stage rental

Our outdoor stage rentals are in demand for concerts, festivals, and large outdoor events. We have pre-set packages that make it easy for you to pick the best setup.

Our smallest outdoor stage kit package is 26′ x 22′ x 12′, costing $6,400 per day. This is aside from the delivery and setup fee.

Meanwhile, our biggest package is 42′ x 42′ x 20′, which costs $25,000 per day. This is in demand for concerts, festivals, and international conferences in Orlando. 

If you need custom outdoor stages, our engineers are ready to create them for you. We will also visit your venue to ensure that your event stage matches your vision. We will give you custom pricing depending on the customization you need.

Portable stage rental

Portable stages are perfect for small and intimate events. We recommend this for weddings, speaking events, seminars, and fashion shows.

Aside from their affordable price, portable stages are also easy to set up and break down. We can customize it to any shape, size, and form you need.

For our pre-set packages, our portable stage rental kits start at $430 per day. The biggest one, 24′ x 16′ bundled with a backdrop, costs $1,250 daily.

Aside from these packages, we also have a stock of stage legs, skirts, stage decks, and platforms. All of them are available for an affordable price.

If you don’t know which additional equipment you’ll need, call us, and our team will help you. We can also help you decide if portable stages are the best option for your event. 

Mobile stage rental

Mobile stages are perfect for any event, whether for festivals, community gatherings, concerts, and more. Unlike outdoor stages, the mobile type is installed on a trailer truck that can be driven anywhere in your venue.

The best thing about mobile event stages is the fast pack-up time. This is an excellent choice for events with limited time to clean up after the event.

Aside from that, mobile stages take up less space than outdoor types. Also, it requires fewer permits since it won’t be built from the ground up.

For our packages, our smallest mobile stage measures 24′ x 20′. Meanwhile, the biggest package is 40′ x 40′, perfect for large events.

The pricing of mobile stages varies widely, mainly because it’s highly customizable. Also, the distance of your venue, event duration, and additional equipment will affect the cost.

If you want a quote for our mobile stages, call us anytime, and our representative will assist you. 

Stage trusses rental

Aside from stages, we also offer trusses rental. This way, your event stage will be ready for complete rigging. In fact, we can also provide you with full lights and audio rental, so you only have to deal with one provider for all your AV needs!

Our truss rental is available in large quantities. We can also customize your trussing to suit your event.

For your convenience, we rent trusses per part, ranging from $25 to $80. This way, all event sizes can afford quality and stable rigging construction.

If you prefer a complete package, our team can customize and assemble it for you. We also offer full-service rental, including delivery, setup, operation, and breakdown. 

Factors that affect stage rental price

There’s no one-price-fits-all when it comes to stage rentals. It always depends on several factors, including the following: 


Big stages always cost more than smaller ones. So if you’re planning a big event, you should expect to spend several thousand dollars per day.

Aside from the size of the equipment, large stage rentals cost more because it takes more staffing and time to set up. All of these will add up to the final price. 


Your event stage’s level of customization will also affect the rental price. In general, pre-set packages are cheaper since it’s readily available.

However, expect to spend more if you want your stage to have a personalized shape, form, design, and rigging. Again, customization requires more labor and time. 

Delivery and setup

Aside from the equipment, delivery and setup fees will also impact the price of your rental. If you opt for a full-service stage rental, you’ll spend an additional fee for delivery, setup, and pickup.

While this is an additional expense, it’s a practical choice, especially for big events. You’ll get a professional team of technicians to handle the stage rental for you.

This will save you from a lot of trouble and technical problems. Above all, it guarantees that your stage setup meets safety standards.

As for the delivery and setup cost, it depends on your location and the stage equipment you booked. Our team will advise you about this fee. 

Additional equipment

Are you planning to rent more equipment together with your stage? Every additional piece of equipment will cost you more. Still, renting everything from one provider can save you money in the long run.

Take note that all additional equipment can have corresponding delivery and setup fees. This is if you avail of a full-service package. 

Get the best stage rental in Orlando!

If you’re hosting an event soon, don’t miss having professional-quality stages to showcase your talents! Rent For Event is one of Orlando’s leading stage rental providers, with a large stage inventory for you to choose from.

We can design the stage for you. Our team uses 3D technology to render your stage design before the event. This way, you’ll see how the stage looks and what equipment is needed.

Aside from that, we have an expert AV team with 20+ years of industry experience. We deliver gold-standard service for both small and large events. You can count on us to make your event stage shine.

Wherever you are in Orlando, we can deliver the best stage rentals. Call us, and let’s give your event its much-deserved center stage. 

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