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DJ Lighting Equipment Rental – What Can It Be Used For

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If you’re a DJ, or if you’re someone hiring a DJ and require the use of a DJ lighting rental service, then consider which lighting you might need first. Lighting is important for all aspects of an event. DJ lighting is just as important. You want your show to stand out, and with the best lighting, it can. With many types, sizes, colors, and styles to choose from, consider reading on to learn about each option before you choose your DJ lighting rental in US.

1. Types of DJ Lights

There are several types of DJ lights that you can choose from. There are some considerations to keep in mind before you go renting for these lights though. 
  • How large or small is the space you’re playing music in?
  • What is the theme of the event for the music?
  • Do they have the correct hookups and space for this type of lighting?
  • How will this lighting work with your equipment?
Some of the types out there include wash lighting, strobe lights, disco balls, and uplighting. Find out more about these and others right here. 

2. Uplighting

This lighting is done through various lights. They are placed all along the floor of where you’d like them to shoot up from. This type of lighting gives the illusion that light is coming from down below, rather than up above them. You can choose this in regular warm lighting or colored options depending on the event you’re covering.

2. Wash Lighting

Having a background color or lighting across the entire stage or area is known as wash lighting. Adding different colored lights from the bottom and top can provide a fill for the wash lighting. This is great for events that might have a main stage that needs to be showcased to stand out.

3. Gobo Lighting

Gobo lighting is lighting that is made from stencils. The lighting is projected through the shapes and designs that you have put on it. This is something that can be customized to match the event. It is a great way for logos and other pictures to be transferred from the light to the skies, floors, and walls.

4. Decor Lighting

Decor lighting is to make a room seem more comfortable. It can also be used to spotlight specific pieces around a room like a table or statue. These types of lights are usually warmer and stream comfortably wherever they’re placed. They create the room’s ambiance.

5. Spotlights

Spotlights are stronger lights than decor lighting. This is because they are made to really light up an area. They can come in smaller streams or thicker ones, depending on the needs that you have. Some of the lights come in threes, while others are just one. They are smaller and larger. They are a very versatile type of light and a popular DJ lighting rental.

6. Strobe Lights

Strobe lights are lights that flash on and off in different patterns and lengths. These can come in lighting fixtures that you can personalize or customize yourself, or there are others that move a specific way when blinking. They can come in warm, natural light color or different colored glass that is around the bulb to change the colors.
Note: It is important to consider those who may have medical conditions where these lights or this type of lighting might be an issue.

7. Lasers

Lasers are an awesome choice to go with when you want to customize a show or event with something that stands out. These colorful lasers can do different moves for you. They can be customized to change to the soundwaves from the music, or those that have specific already learned paths.
Lasers make any awesome show, even more awesome.

8. Disco Balls

If you want an event that is like a true party, then a disco ball can not be era-specific or just for a great party – or it can create a mirror type of effect and spin the lights all around the room. This gives the event a different look than the other types of lighting because it creates a lot of different lights from one piece. There are also colorful light up options if you don’t want that mirrored appeal.

9. Blacklights

Blacklights are perfect for those parties where the lights are off or dim and you want things to glow. This is a great way to create the right blacklight feel inside the room. With different sizes and options of these lights, you can fill a small or large room, or create the look and feel that you need with the many different options.

In Conclusion

The lighting for the DJ service matters, so make sure to choose the right lighting to work with. You don’t have to purchase the equipment, either. You’re easily able to rent the lighting or other products that you need to create the best event from the right place. Save money, save time, and skip the headache of renting from anyone else.
If you’re looking for the right DJ lighting rental in US with competitive pricing, a lot to choose from, and even a little help here and there when you need it then check out Rent for Event LA. Not only can you grab DJ lighting, but you can also rent a DJ if you need one for the party and we can bring our own lighting setup! Call today!

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