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Church LED Wall: 10 Key Points You Should Know

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Visual elements are crucial during church services. It creates more impact and helps the congregation become more engaged in the word of God. Nowadays, church LED walls are becoming the latest trend, thanks to their versatility.

Unlike old projectors, LED screens offer excellent visibility from almost every viewing angle. It can be configured in various sizes, from a small screen to a giant conference LED wall.

In this post, we discuss 10 key points about LED walls and why you should consider getting them for your church services. 

1. LED walls have multiple uses

An LED screen for church services will serve many purposes. First, it can be used to display bible verses for the congregation to read.

Churches can also use it to show worship song lyrics, play media content, show religious scenes, or use it as a stage background.

Moreover, LED walls create an immersive background during a church service. It can help set the mood and tone of the service.

LED walls can be utilized for other church activities, too. You can host a religious movie screening where families can bond after church services.

Overall, LED walls are creative displays that you can maximize in and out of church services in different ways. 

2. LED walls can be used for indoor and outdoor services

Another great thing about LED walls is they can be used under direct sunlight. So whether your church service is indoor or outdoor, your screen will remain visible to the congregation.

Also, LED walls can be used in almost every venue size. You can get a LED wall for a small auditorium or an outdoor LED rental big enough for a football field.

Moreover, you can also get a mobile LED wall installed on a trailer or a truck. This can be towed in and out of the venue faster than other types, so you’ll have faster setup and pack-up time for your church service. 

3. LED walls last longer than projectors

On average, a projector lamp lasts about 7 months and must be replaced regularly. This can be costly, especially for churches that hold regular services.

Aside from that, the projector itself has an average lifespan of 3 to 5 years before completely burning out.

On the other hand, LED panels are made to last for years. On average, a properly maintained LED panel can last about 10 years, which is way better than projectors.

But then, you’re probably thinking, “LED panels are expensive to purchase!” The good news is that you don’t have to buy it on your own. Here at Rent For Event, we offer affordable LED screen rentals for both short-term and long-term use. We also provide permanent LED wall installations for all establishments. 

4. LED walls are easier to see

Your congregation will no longer struggle over blurred and dull projector displays. An LED screen has excellent visibility even at a distance.

It’s because LED walls have brighter contrasts and excellent ranges, which can be as high as 6000:1. It doesn’t require a dark room either, and the visibility will remain outstanding even if ambient lighting or any light is pointing directly at the screen.

Aside from that, LED screens for churches are more effective than TV screens in making an impact. You can install a large LED wall instead of buying multiple TV sets to install throughout the church.

Lastly, LED walls have varying pixel pitches to ensure comfortable viewing, even by those seated in front. Overall, everyone at the service can easily keep up with the scriptures and teachings. 

5. LED walls are energy efficient

Traditional lighting and multiple projector setups are energy-consuming. It will help cut back your church’s consumption with a LED wall.

On average, LED walls use about 50% less energy than traditional projectors. This translates to hundreds of dollars of savings for a church.

Aside from that, LED walls emit less heat, which is a good thing for your church’s air conditioning system. 

6. LED walls can be used for accessibility

LED walls are an excellent opportunity for churches to become more accessible and inclusive.

They can display sign language interpretations or captioning for the members of the congregation who are hard of hearing or deaf.

Unlike small TV screens, LED walls can display words in larger fonts, which is a big help for church members with vision problems.

Overall, having an LED church screen will keep everyone on the hook with the service’s flow. 

7. LED walls can be used to disseminate information

A LED wall can be used continuously to display announcements, upcoming events, and church schedules.

Unlike printed announcements, LED walls allow you to display dynamic content, which will attract more attention. The congregation will also be more enticed to read whatever’s shown on it due to its clarity and eye-catching nature.

Overall, this can help church leaders and pastors connect better with their congregations. Also, LED walls can be installed outdoors for announcements since they’re weather-resistant and remain visible even under direct sunlight. 

8. LED walls are easily scalable

A church video wall can be downgraded or expanded as needed. This allows churches to adapt their display to the changing needs of the service and the congregation.

Moreover, an LED display can be customized and configured in a wide range of sizes. It can also be customized in different resolutions, shapes, and forms.

In addition, LED screens can be installed in multiple areas of the venue. It can be a main display on the stage, an LED floor, and even a dynamic ceiling display. 

9. LED walls are appealing to younger generations

One way to entice the young generations to attend church service is to make the experience unique and captivating. This is exactly what LED walls can do to your church.

A LED display will increase the appeal of your church. It’s an aesthetic addition, which is ultimately popular among younger members of congregations.

To make it more appe aling, you can host movie screenings and similar activities for youngsters. This will help them find church activities less formal and more attractive.

10. LED walls enhance the worship experience

Overall, LED walls enhance the worship experience of the congregation. It makes content more compelling with the addition of animations and graphics. With the right graphic design, a LED wall can help worshippers connect to the service on an emotional level.

Aside from that, LED walls create a stunning backdrop that can be paired with worship music. This will set the atmosphere of the church, which will make every service more meaningful. 

Tips for choosing LED walls for churches

There are many LED wall rentals you can choose from, but not all of them are made equal. So if you’re planning to integrate an LED display into your church, it’s best to consider the following points first: 

1. Determine your church's needs

First, you must consider what your congregation needs during church service. Do they need to read scriptures or see worship lyrics better? Are they looking for a bulletin board for church schedules?

The answers to these will help you choose the right LED wall. The good thing is that a reliable AV solutions company can customize the display to meet your needs. 

2. Consider the viewing distance

Another thing you have to think about is the viewing distance. This will affect the pixel pitch of the LED display you will rent.

If your congregation is seated close to the screen, you need a smaller pixel pitch of about 2.6 mm. This configuration has a higher resolution, which remains clear even when viewed up close.

Meanwhile, a bigger pixel pitch will do if you’re hosting a large congregation, say a conference. In this event, LED walls are often viewed from a distance due to their size. For this, we recommend a 3.9 mm pixel pitch.

Overall, you have to match the viewing distance with the screen’s resolution to ensure an excellent viewing experience. This will also guarantee that the church service will have the most impact on the congregation. 

3. Think about the installation area

You should check where you plan to install the LED wall. This will impact the size and configuration that you need to get.

Most of the time, churches install it onstage. There can also be additional LED walls on the upper sides to boost the visibility of the content.

Meanwhile, some churches also need outdoor LED walls. Unlike indoor types, outdoor displays are weather-resistant and can withstand light rains and winds.

Also, the location of the installation area will affect the pixel pitch and resolution you need.

Too many technical aspects? Instead of dealing with all the technicalities of LED walls, you can hire an experienced AV rental company to do it for you. Below, we discussed how you could choose the right provider. 

4. Get the right size and resolution

As mentioned earlier, LED walls come in different shapes, sizes, and resolutions. In general, the bigger and higher the resolution, the costlier it will be.

Large churches that host hundreds of members will need equally big LED displays. Meanwhile, smaller chapels can use smaller LED screens but with higher resolutions.

Overall, the goal is to match the size of your LED wall with the scale of your church. This is to ensure that the display will serve its main purpose. 

5. Consider your content

Before getting an LED wall, you have to consider what type of content you will display. If you opt for high-graphic and colorful media, you should consider a high-resolution display for the best viewing experience.

Aside from that, you must check your content’s aspect ratio before you display it at church. Aspect ratio refers to the relation between the with and height of the screen. In simple terms, the aspect ratio dictates the shape of the screen and its compatibility with your content.

Overall, a mismatched aspect ratio will leave black edges when you play your content. This means you won’t get to maximize the entire screen.

If you need help choosing the correct aspect ratio for your church LED wall, call us at Rent For Event, and our AV team will help. 

6. Define your budget

Budget is one of the most crucial aspects when choosing a LED wall for a church. Many congregations have a limited budget, which will affect the type of display they can get.

So if you plan to have a giant, high-resolution, and concert-quality LED wall, you must be willing to shell out a substantial amount. While the upfront cost is higher, it will pay for itself in terms of impact and benefits to your congregation.

Aside from that, you have to factor in the maintenance cost of the LED wall. You’ll also have to pay for a team to operate it during church service.

But if you don’t want this hassle and extra expenses, you can rent a LED wall instead. At Rent For Event, we offer flexible rental terms for all our LED wall packages.

We also have an AV team who will handle the operation and maintenance of your LED display. The best part is that you don’t have to buy the equipment or hire a tech team on your own. At a competitive cost, you can avail of show-quality displays with a team boasting 20+ years of experience. 

7. Check for remote control features

An LED wall with remote control capabilities will allow you to present the content at your own pace. For example, you can change slides using the remote control or play a video on your own.

Aside from that, remote control capabilities give you full control over the content you’re showing. It will also let you adjust the settings and control the display even at a distance. 

8. Rent, don't buy

Renting LED displays for churches often has more benefits than buying them on your own.

First, renting provides you with a variety of options at a competitive cost. Also, you can easily get concert-quality LED wall rentals that will cost a fortune if you buy them on your own.

Also, rental companies provide technical support and maintenance for all their LED wall rentals. This will free you from additional expenses and unnecessary stress.

In the long run, LED wall rentals are more cost-efficient than maintaining your own equipment and team. 

9. Trust a reliable LED wall rental company

There are many LED wall rental companies, but not all of them offer quality. To ensure that your church will have the best display, you must consider the following aspects first:
  • Check their online reviews. Before anything else, search the company online and read actual reviews of their previous clients. This will give you a firsthand account of the quality of their service.
  • Consider their experience. Inquire about the brands they’ve worked with before and if they have experience providing LED walls to churches. A rental company with a long list of A-list clients is a good choice.
  • Check their inventory. You’d want to work with a rental company that can provide a variety of options. They should also be willing to customize it to meet your church’s needs. It includes the resolution, shape, size, pixel pitch, installation, etc.
  • Ask about their delivery setup. The last thing you want is to haul an entire LED wall on your own. Make sure the rental company you hire offers delivery and pickup services for convenience.
  • Inquire about flexible rental contracts. Unlike one-time events, church services happen weekly. So if you plan to rent an LED wall, look for a company offering long-term rental contracts. You should also ask if they can provide permanent LED walls to be used in your church long-term.

10. Ask for technical support

Aside from acquiring a high-quality LED display, it would be best if you also asked for technical support. This way, you won’t have to worry about glitches that may occur during the service.

Also, this will eliminate the need to hire your own technical team. It’s cost-saving, not to mention that you’ll receive professional tech support throughout the rental duration. 

Get a free quote on your church LED screen rental!

Are you scouting for LED wall rentals for your church? Call us for a free and no-obligation quote.

Feel free to weigh your options and walk away if you’re not impressed with our offer. We want you to get the best display for your church, so we will not force you to sign a rental contract immediately.

Rest assured that our team will help you choose the best LED screen for your needs. You can check our inventory anytime, and we’re ready to provide full customization to your display.

Above all, we handle the delivery, installation, operation, teardown, and pickup of the rental. You don’t have to lift a finger or worry about anything!

Also, we offer flexible rental terms, whether you need a LED wall for a one-time event or as a permanent fixture in your church.

Call us, and we will elevate your next church service experience! 

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