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Audiovisual Technology Trends to Watch: Benefits for Your Business

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Audiovisual technology is an indispensable element in any event. Whether it’s a small seminar or a ground-breaking festival, event planners can’t live without professional AV providers.
The event industry has seen massive developments in AV technology over the past years. We witnessed the rise of wireless connections, interactive displays, and high-definition video, to name a few.
These advancements reduce the stress of planning an event by ensuring you’ll have an excellent audio and video setup. With this, event planners should know the new trends to make their future projects stand out.
At Rent For Event, we innovate to provide our clients with the latest AV solutions. Here are some of the newest trends that we can provide for your events:
Audiovisual Technology Trends to Watch

1. Hybrid event services

The COVID pandemic reshaped the event industry in many ways. It pushed for the integration of digital elements into in-person gatherings. Thus, hybrid events are born.
With this setup, the event can be synced online to gather live and online engagements. This increases the reach of the event, especially in the past years when physical events are limited, if not forbidden.
The great thing about hybrid events is their high ROI. The small cost of running this setup can translate to more sponsors, higher signup rates, increased sales, and so on.
Hybrid events also allow organizers to conduct data analysis quickly.
With all these benefits, there’s no doubt that this AV trend is here to stay.
If you’re hosting a hybrid event soon, Rent For Event can be your trusted audiovisual provider. We’ve been doing hybrid events for years, even before they became popular.

2. Live streaming services

Live streaming is an enduring trend among speaking events. It’s a big hit in conferences, seminars, religious gatherings, corporate events, and live concerts.
You can host your event in a hybrid setup or live stream only for a completely virtual audience. The feed can be integrated into any major video conferencing service like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc.
At Rent For Event, we’ve been providing live-streaming services for years. It’s getting more and more popular, even for small events.
Our team can customize the live stream setup, depending on your needs. We can set up on-site or operate from our production truck. Our pro AV team will ensure that your live stream will go without a hitch.

3. Augmented and virtual reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality have graced the event industry in recent years. This trend is popular in the world of gaming and, just recently, the NFT events that we make possible. (Watch our Portal X NFT full AV production here!)
A growing number of our clients are integrating AR and VR into their events. It increases engagement and is guaranteed to make more impact on their guests.
It’s also an excellent way to make potential customers stay longer at your booth. By making the interaction fun, you’re boosting your brand’s reputation and appeal.
Compared to viewing videos on a screen, AR and VR will level up the experience. Our team can provide this newest trend to your next event, whether it’s big or small.

4. Virtual event production

Thanks to the advent of the internet and social media, virtual events are now one of the hottest trends.
In this setup, the entire audience interacts purely online rather than in a traditional physical location.
This trend also became popular when the pandemic shut down venues and restrained large gatherings. Now, it allows companies, organizers, and event planners to continue hosting events and connect to their audiences.
Even as pandemic restrictions ease, virtual events remain a popular platform even for big brands like Apple, Amazon, and Coca-Cola.
But for a virtual event to be successful, you need an AV provider with the right skill and experience.
You can count on our Rent For Event team to handle your virtual event, something that we’ve been doing for years.

5. Huge and advanced displays

Small TV screens are things of the past, especially now that giant LED walls are the trend.
LED screens are available in different shapes and sizes to match your events. You can get it in outdoor, indoor, and mobile types. You can also get them in smaller sizes for private events or as Jumbotrons for festivals, concerts, and sporting events.
LED walls can be integrated into almost any event, making them a versatile visual element. It can be used as a main display, backdrop, interactive flooring, digital signage, and much more.
With this trend, you can extend the view of your stage anywhere in the venue. This allows you to keep the attendees engaged during your event.
Also, LED screens work well even under direct sunlight or bright lighting, making them a perfect choice for all venues.
Many vendors like Rent For Event also offer weather-resistant LED screens, so your event will continue whether it rains or shines.

Benefits of the latest audiovisual trends

Your competitors always look for ways to increase their engagements, sales, and impact. The good thing is that the latest AV trends can keep you steps ahead if done right.
Here are some of the benefits of integrating these trends into your next events:
  • Increase audience engagement. The newest AV trends will capture your guests’ attention and retain it. This will help your event create more impact by effectively conveying its message.
  • Boost your sales. Increased audience engagement translates to higher conversion rates. You’ll achieve excellent ROI from these AV services, whether launching a new product or promoting your business.
  • Keep your event easy to follow. The latest AV trends aim to make events more engaging and immersive for the audience. This will help your guests stay stimulated in a fun and convenient way.
  • Improve online appeal. Live streaming, hybrid events, and AR/VR increase your event’s online presence. The sky’s the limit when it comes to online platforms, which gives your brand an advantage over competitors.
  • Make your brand stand out. People pay attention to brands that offer them something new. Integrating these recent trends into your next events can boost your branding online and offline.
  • Bridge distances. Wherever your target audience is, you can make them part of your event through these AV trends. Even someone on another continent can join your event in real-time.
  • Effective messaging. The role of AV solutions is to send your brand message effectively. This is made easier thanks to the latest advancements in audiovisual trends.

Trust a reliable audiovisual production company.

If you want to enjoy all these benefits at your event, you should partner with a tried and tested AV provider.
Event planning is stressful, so you’d want an AV company with expertise in the latest trends. This will ensure that your event will get quality audiovisual equipment and setup that will impress your guests.
A reliable audiovisual production company will allow you to leverage the latest AV technology solutions. This way, you can make the most out of every dollar spent.
With Rent For Event, you’ll enjoy the latest AV trends at a competitive cost. We will customize everything to make sure that each rental makes the most impact on your audience.
Our team is ready to transform your event. Call us, and we’ll start planning a world-class AV experience for any occasion.
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