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A Guide on Christmas Light Rental in Miami

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The Christmas season is here again, and it won’t be complete without the dazzling lights. It can transform any yard into a colorful winter wonderland. And if you want to make your property shine this holiday season, it’s not yet late for a Christmas light rental in Miami.

Christmas lights are available in various colors, sizes, types, and patterns. These variations can be used to set different moods on your Yuletide decoration.

If you’re new to renting Christmas lights, the following are some of the points you should know: 

Christmas lights have different types

Christmas light rentals are available in different types. You can choose one based on your other decorations and the overall look you want to achieve.

In Miami, Florida, our clients often rent these holiday lighting systems during the Christmas season: 

  • String lights. These are the traditional Christmas lights you’ll find in hardware stores and dollar stores. It comes in various colors, patterns, and bulb sizes that can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Rope lights. You can wrap these on tree trunks, poles, and railings. The lights are wrapped in a plastic material, which gives them a weather-resistant characteristic.
  • Net lights. If you’re too busy to install string or rope lights, you can try net lights. These are interconnected lights with a chain-link design. It’s used to drape on hedges, large trees, and shrubs.
  • Icicle lights. These lights complement the winter season well. You can hang it on your roofline, awnings, windows, or tree branches. With us, you’ll only get LED icicle lights since it’s the most energy-efficient option.
  • Light show projectors. This equipment can do the trick if you don’t have time to install string lights. It will project colorful lights, which you can indoors and outdoors.
  • Pathway lights. These are equipped with stakes that you can use to line your walkway. It comes in LED and solar-powered versions for your convenience.

If you don’t know what the best light is for your property, we are here to help. At Rent For Event Miami, our team can design your own light show, whether it’s for your front lawn or an event Miami.

Call us and let us know what lights you need. Our team will deliver, install, and operate it for you – totally hassle-free. 

Incandescent vs. LED

Once you’ve chosen the type of Christmas lights you like, you should check whether it’s incandescent or LED.

LED lights are the top choice in Miami because it’s energy-efficient. It doesn’t emit excess emit that could trigger a fire. Also, it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you’re planning to set up a grand light display, LED lights will be practical. It won’t spike your electric bill as much as incandescent counterparts do.

Meanwhile, incandescent Christmas lights are quite outdated. They consume excessive amounts of power and convert 90% of it into heat. If used for long periods, the bulbs can get very hot, which is a direct fire hazard. 

Know your bulb size

Take note that Christmas lights come in different bulb sizes. It can affect the overall look and mood of your decor.

The following are the most common bulb sizes used in holiday decorating: 

  • Mini lights. These light bulbs are 5/8 of an inch, which you can purchase in most supply stores. It’s perfect for indoor use since it comes in various colors, styles, and lengths.
  • C6. This is a cone-shaped bulb that’s 11/8 of an inch long. It’s often used on Christmas trees, windows, railings, and other outdoor installations.
  • C7. This is 11/2 of an inch long with a slight rounder shape. It’s used for outdoor installations, but C7 bulbs also look good indoors.
  • C9. This is 2.5 to 3 inches long, which is the largest among cone-shaped Christmas lights you can find in Miami. It’s perfect for a retro-inspired holiday decoration.
  • G12. This round bulb has a diameter of 1.5 inches. This can be used as overhead lights or hung on tree branches. Aside from G12, there are bigger varieties of round bulbs, like the G20 and G30 sizes.
There are other light bulb sizes used for Christmas decorations. If what you need isn’t listed here, call us, and we will find it for you. Our team is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that your holidays will be memorable.

Choose the colors

One thing that makes Christmas lights eye-pleasing is their variety of colors. For most Christmas light installations in Miami, our clients opt for red, green, white, and yellow.

These are the holiday colors, but you can always mix and match your preferred shades. You can also get color-changing lights if you want variety in your decorations.

You can always experiment with the colors on your Christmas light. Our team can also help you pick the right choice based on your vision. We can also create a 3D rendering of your Christmas light display, so you’ll see how it looks before renting. 

Consider the density

Christmas lights also differ in how dense the bulbs are. It will impact how your lighting looks once installed.

Dense bulbs, or those placed tightly together, are perfect for loose hanging. It’s also ideal to wrap around tree trunks if you want to highlight that part of your property.

Always consider this part to ensure that you’re getting the right string length to cover your installation area. When in doubt, you can always call us and our lighting technicians will help you select the right equipment. 

Look for a professional lighting rental company

Decorating for the holidays can be pretty stressful. If you’re new to using Christmas lights, you can hire professional Christmas light installers instead.

Rent For Event provides holiday lighting in Miami, whether it’s for your backyard or commercial space. Our team of professional technicians will install your Christmas lights the way you like them.

Your property will be a head-turner with our quality lighting systems. Take note that all our lighting equipment is compliant with all city and state regulations. Rest assured that you’ll have a safe, aesthetic, and bright Christmas in Miami!

Buying your own lights may not be cost-efficient in the long run. Quality Christmas lights are expensive, and it’s not wise to spend such a fortune for one-time use.

Instead, you can rent the lights from us for a very competitive price. Every year, you’ll enjoy beautiful holiday lighting without the hassle of maintenance and installation.

Contact us anytime, and we will deliver the best Christmas lights in Miami. We also accept last-minute rentals, so it’s never too late to brighten up your celebration. Our team will transform your property into a spectacular holiday scenery. 

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