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4 Tips to Make Your Trade Show Exhibit Stand Out With LED Walls

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Trade shows are something that numerous companies choose to take part in. With a number of businesses coming together to network with one another, but also inviting the public in; these tradeshows have become a large part of many businesses across the country.

Having your booth stand out over the others is highly recommended, as you need to make sure that your tradeshow displays are well-thought-out, informative, and interesting. Consider a trade show video wall rental for your next upcoming tradeshow!

1. Create a TV Display

By using a LED screen at a trade show, you’re able to showcase more of your business. You can show the products or services you’re offering, answer questions right on the screen, put on a demonstration of something that you use in the office or how your product works, or anything else. Anything that you think might grab the attention of your potential audience, customers, and clients.

While this is more of a boring type of display that your company can put up, it is one that is easy to do and affordable for any budget when you have to rent this type of equipment for the event. You always want to consider the size of the display screens for exhibitions and the size of the space you have to work with. Remember, the bigger the better because this makes it easier to see for those who might be walking by!

2. Bridge the LED Wall

led screen tunnel for trade show

Creating a bridge with LED wall pieces is a cool thing that can be done with the use of the LED squares that can be pieced together. You can also find thinner screens that work with projectors inside them. These offer a way to create a walk-through type of experience for your guests. The screens are inside the tunnel for them to look at while they walk through it. Seeing this at a promotional event would be exciting for anyone.

This is also one of the most creative ways that you can use displays made from LEDs. It is also a way to create a message that is hard for anyone who sees the displays to forget. The bridge is usually something that can be purchased as part of the booth setup, while the LED display panels can be rented from a quality company such as Rent for Event LA.

3. Piece Together an Entire Wall

large wall interactive display at science exhibition

You can piece together the seamless video walls that make a statement with the right thing playing in the background. Exhibit booths with entire displays behind them are those that do better than others without any sort of technology behind them. This is one thing that can easily bring together a new look when it is put up in the design that the business wants. Plus, when you choose to rent these pieces, you don’t have to worry about the setup or breakdown of the LED walls or pieces.

This is a great way to create different sizes and shapes of display that you wouldn’t be able to do with just a regular television screen. These screens come together to create this type of creative way to showcase what your business can do. There is no limit to these screens, which is why they’ve become so popular with many events.

4. Make it Different

There are many ways to showcase your business and ensure that you get more attention while in the tradeshow. These displays are just one of the many ways you can make sure you are standing out on top of the competition in your industry. Trade show LED displays are beautiful for anyone to have and use to their advantage when they want to stand out. You can be the creative one with what you choose to put up on the screen, the rest should be left to the LED display rental company.

Your business matters, you want a tagline that comes easily to those who come up to your booth to learn more about what your business does. Make sure to incorporate the displays with your business to get the best possible outcome from the potential business you could have coming in. You want to make sure to grab and hold their attention. The right display at a trade show might just make all the difference on whether or not you are able to do so.

In Conclusion

Those who are looking to make their next tradeshow exhibit the best it can be don’t have to worry about spending too much money to do so. This is because we can cover any trade show booth with the right video wall rental, high-resolution exhibit displays, and more. Rent for Event LA knows how to provide the right equipment to make your business stand out. Even your competition doesn’t know how to put on the best display with LED walls and displays for days. Contact us today to learn more on how to make your trade shows exhibits stand out even more.

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