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D&B audiotechnik Q1 Full line Array Module


Rent D&B audiotechnik Q1 Full line Array Module in Miami. This line array loudspeaker is used in vertical columns. Its cabinet is a passive 2-way design that houses two 10” LF drivers and a 1.3” HF compression driver with a toroidal waveshaping device to achieve a 75° horizontal dispersion characteristic.

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The Q1 is a passive 2-way loudspeaker housing two 10″ LF drivers positioned in a dipolar arrangement and a 1.3″ HF compression driver fitted to a toroidal waveshaping device. The 75° constant directivity horizontal dispersion pattern is maintained down to 400 Hz, while the vertical HF dispersion of 15° allows the Q1 to be used to construct vertical columns that produce a curved coherent wavefront. The mechanical and acoustical design of the cabinet enables vertical splay angles to be set between 0° and 14°. Q1 cabinets can therefore be used in vertical configurations starting from two cabinets with a 15° to 30° dispersion, up to 20 cabinets with a fully user and venue defined vertical profile. The Q1 cabinet is constructed from marine plywood, incorporates a pair of handles and has an impact resistant paint finish. The front of the loudspeaker is protected by a rigid metal grill covered with replaceable acoustically transparent foam, and two EP5 or NL4 connectors wired in parallel are mounted on the rear panel.

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